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Studies have shown that automated payroll calculation cuts preparation time by up to 80%, saving you time and money.

Our automated timekeeping system is designed for the small to mid-size business. Our products and services are reasonably priced because we understand that there is a need for a cost effective time and attendance service. We offer proven brand-name equipment, FREE upgrades, and FREE daily e-mail reports.  

Save time and money on your payroll.

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Did you know that the IRS assesses more than 7.5 billion dollars in payroll related tax penalties each year? That's one reason that approximately 65% of all small businesses outsource their payroll. Businesses like yours outsource payroll to ensure that they withhold, report, and pay their employer taxes appropriately.

Besides the "safety net" of withholding, filing and paying payroll taxes, many small business owners choose a payroll service because they're too busy running their business to spend time on payroll.

Selecting the right payroll service can mean the difference between a frustrating waste of time and money, and the ideal payroll experience - one that you will hardly have to think about.

Service 1st Payroll offers you:

  • Cost Reduction

  • Convenience

  • Correct Results

  • Customer Service

  • Control

  • Credibility

We can help you save time & money! Call today at (440)-926-2333