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Did you know that each of your employees can spend on average as much as 24 hours of work time per year dealing with payroll checks?  It's no wonder that eighty percent (80%) of all U.S. companies offer direct deposit.  Service 1st Payroll Direct Deposit lets your employees get back to work, and eliminates payroll check hassles.

S1PMark Never worry about check signing.

S1PMark Lost, stolen, or damaged payroll checks become things of the past.

S1PMark Bank reconciliation is quicker and easier because all deposit amounts can be reconciled on payday. (Your accountant or comptroller will love it!)

Direct Deposit is also a highly valued benefit for employees.  They never waste time in line cashing payroll checks.  Their pay is always available on payday even if they're on vacation, out sick, or away on work related travel.

As an added benefit, Service 1st Payroll Direct Deposit is very flexible, enabling employees to split their pay into as many as four different bank accounts.  For confirmation, employees receive our direct deposit voucher that includes the same valuable information as our check stub.  It even shows how the money was split if multiple accounts were used.

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